Road To Market

The industrial strategy of DMTECH envisages a two-step approach: in the first phase, consisting of industrial research and pre-competitive development activities, DMETCH aims to create a prototype for the subsequent pre-industrialization phase that defines and implements a platform that will then adopted by the commercial product.

To achieve the objectives set in the first phase, DMTECH will make use of funded research projects and orders for the realization of specific prototypes to be commissioned.

The flexibility of the platform that will be implemented in this first phase and which will be borrowed in the future from the commercial product and the fact of being realized with state-of-the-art technologies (frameworks, languages, open source libraries, etc) will provide DMTECH with a significant competitive advantage .

The final result of this phase will be the realization of a demonstrator that can catalyze the interest of investors and system integrators and start the second phase of industrialization of the product and the research of industrial, financial and commercial partners necessary for the second phase.

The second phase foresees that DMTECH will approach the market with its own product for the MAM (Media Asset Management) and for the WFM (Workflow Management) created to fit into the production chain of digital media.