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The Reference Market

The goal of creating a professional solution for Media Asset Management and Workflow Management for the film industry stems from the idea that the film industry has almost completed its turn towards digital that, because of the relevant technical results achievable does not involve anymore a  creative bias and, on the contrary, it even broadens the creative possibilities of the authors. As part of this “digital revolution”, new professional figures have emerged (in particular that of the DIT: Digital Intermediate Technician), which can take full advantage of the use of these solutions, with a net increase in production efficiency. The maturity of digital solutions for the film supply chain thus aligns this last industry with that of broadcast, which has already completed the transition to digital, and with this it divides methodologies, formats, production paradigms and software tools. There is therefore no longer a film industry and a television industry but a unique ecosystem in which the Digital Creative Industry operates. DMTECH is a candidate to provide this new industrial environment with the enabling technologies necessary for it.


DMTECH was founded in 2017, is a subsidiary of Digital Video and was established with the mission of devising, designing and developing technological solutions for the Digital Creative Industry, Film Industry and Audiovisual industries. Its strategic objective is therefore to develop technology for the digital cinematography and broadcasting industry. DMTECH, for the development of its products, is based on some of the important skills acquired during the years of Digital Video (1981-2017): those that made Digital Video an Italian excellence in broadcast thanks to the skills developed in the field of Media Asset Management (MAM), the graphic representation of production flows, and the creation and management of Web-based graphical interfaces. The acquisition of this solid know-how took place during the development activities of Mantrics, a sophisticated Workflow & Asset Management System, currently distributed by Grass Valley and installed in some of the major international networks (including CNN, Turner, BBC, Univision and Fox-Los Angeles), and Italians (including, for example, Fastweb, La7, La Effe, De Agostini, RAI and SKY); additionally, these skills are added to those acquired during research projects and with the development of the many graphic applications produced during the years of activity.

DMTECH and the Digital Video group are also part of the international community of Open Source developers. Open Source software offers several benefits to businesses, such as reducing licensing costs, independence from the vendor, continuous updating due to community support. The company itself, which embraces the Open Source philosophy, contributes to the development of the tools benefiting for their own products and helping to improve their efficiency, always keeping them at an excellent level of innovation. In line with this idea, in December 2015 Digital Video closed with DWANGO (Japanese publisher active in the media and services for cellular telephony) a sales agreement of the source code of the version 7.1 of Toonz, under the condition that said code came published on Github under an open source BSD license. The specific Open Source license negotiated by Digital Video with Dwango, allows now Digital Video to reuse in the commercial product Toonz Premium the developments and updates of products published on the Open Sotruce platform and allows DMTECH and the other companies in the group to reuse specific parts of the source code published in the development of its products.

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